Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kadhalika Neramillai~~~My CT

'Valibathil Kadhalika, Jadhakathil Vazhiyum Illai', one of my all time favorite song from the blockbuster movie ' Kadhalikka Neramillai' of 1964 starring Muthuraman, Kanchana , music by the amazing duo 'Viswanathan-Ramamurthy' and songs brilliantly written by 'Kannadasan'. A Star Vijay TV serial is being screened under the same name . Of late what is being played in loops in my playlist is ' Ennai Thedi Kadhal Endra Vaarthai Anupu', the title track of the serial. I hate watching soaps, but this song was refreshing. Don't talk about the story of the serial, first few episodes I managed sitting and then lost every bit of my patience. The half an hour is meant to take a trip to the vantage locations of Singapore(heard the shooting is shifted to Chennai now) and then the silly fights between the lead pairs Shakthi(Prajin) & Divya(Chandra Lakshmanan). Prajin was a hot favorite of Sun Music TV viewers. Btw I heard Prajin has got married to Sandra(who was a VJ in Kiran Music Channel). The love marriage wasn't publicized coz they felt it would affect the TRP of the serial:)( Oh, I m sorry if I had broken the hearts of any die-hard female Prajin fans)

Now let me come to the point. I am doing service currently, Isn't setting caller tunes, a service?? It was my foolishness actually. My best friend loves the title track of this serial . It was my attempt to make her happy. But never knew it would cost me some 60 Rs. It is like this, 30Rs for setting CT, 15 Rs for song selection and couple of SMS of 3 Rs. Soon I will run out of balance:( You see my friends are soooooo loving, they send me an SMS ' I will call you now, don't bother to lift the call ' , yesterday my cell went on ringing for 1 hour continuously. Friends happy, me too happy. Hope I don't forget to cancel the service after a month time.

This song is composed by 'Vijay Antony' and I heard it is sung by his wife. The lyrics are simple and beautiful. The beats are too good. It makes a lovely song.


Ennai thedi Kadhal endra vaarthai anuppu
Unnai thedi vaazhvil motha arthum tharuven
Sellarikkum thanimayil sethuvidum mun seithi anuppu…
Ennidathil theki vaitha kadhal muludhum
Unnidathil kondu vara theriyavillai
Kadhal athai sollukindra vazhi therinthal
solli annuppu..

Pookal uthirum saalai valiye pesi selgiren
Marangal kuda nadapathu pole ninaithu kolgiren
Kaditham ondril kappal seithu mazhayil vidugiren
Kanavil mattum kadhal seithu iravai kolgiren

Yaaro unn kadhalil valvathu yaaro
Unn kanavinil niraivathu yaaro
En salanangal theerthida vaarayo
Eno en iravugul nelvathu eno
Oru pagal ena suduvathu eno
En thanimayin avasthaigal theeratho
Kadhal thara nenjam kaathu irukku
Kaadhalikka angu neram illaya
Kilayai pol en ithayam thavari viluthe
Ennai thedi kadhal endra varthai anuppu
Unnai thedi vaazhvil motha artham tharuven
Sellarikkum thanimayil sethuvidum mun seithi anupu...

Audio download:

Many would have done this. For people who are searching , here it is:

Kadhalikka Neramillai-Title Track

Happy listening!!!


All said...

The lyrics of that song rocks along with a very light music. But the serial sucks.

sathya said...

Lyrics of this number rocks...but the serial is too not a serial buff yet was moved away by the title track ..but as usual TV's look in 4 their TRP value with serials..

me said...

ya i like that song too.and of course not the serial!!
will call u sometime dont pick up!!!!

Van Helsing said...

My Friend was pestering me for the info to set Kadhalika Neramillai as Callet Tune...

Hats off to you! for the info.

Yeah Really Great Lyrics..


gayathri said...

hiiiiii...:)..i like dis song a lottt...i had to give a music competition n it ws a last min practice n i won singing this song...n thanks for the lyrics i got it frm dis site:)

Dr.Srishiv said...

please let me know how to fix this song as caller tune in my airtel mobile? send me the procedure and code if possible to, need not post it, if post also no probs :)

shankar said...

Hai Friends i am shankar. please i like kadhalikka neyramillai title song. that song i set caller tune in airtel mobile. please help me. send the caller tune code no. please please please............. my id is

shankar said...

I like so much kadhalikka nayramillai song. please send that song caller tune code pa. please.. please... please....... please help me pa.

shankar said...

I like so much kadhalikka nayramillai song. please send that song caller tune code pa. please.. please... please....... please help me pa. my id :

Hari Krishnan Murthy said...

Hi Blogger...Am afraid the vocals aren't Antony's wife's .. The rendition is by sangeetha rajeshwaran who is a long time ally of the composer... May not make sense to comment on this post but as they... Better late than never... Cheers...

mahes pandi said...

Lovely lyrics..����